About us


ANSIC is an Energy Projects and Services Contracting Est Company located in Dammam Saudi Arabia, servicing power sector clients in nationwide.

ANSIC Contracting Est Company is the fastest growing Emerging Company in Power SectorServicing. Providing Wide range of Services & solutions in Kingdom, we employ best practices developed over 12 years of Contracting services. We are extremely committed to delivering quality services, sales and Technical support to assist our clients to achieve the maximum from their Project & Equipment investment.

Our key skill areas are:

  • Total installation solutions in power sector (Power Cable, SWGR, GIS, Transformers, C-banks, generator, reactor)
  • Total installation solution for Substations up to 380kv (Transmission & Distribution Substations)
  • Total Testing & Commissioning Service for Protection and control system & power Equipment’s up to 380kv
  • Testing & Commissioning Services for Advanced Numerical relays (Distance, Differential, Bus Bar, Feeder, ACCES, ABTS)
  • Testing & Commissioning Services for ABB, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ALSTOM, GE, SEL IED’s
  • Skilled & Approved Professionals services for Cable Laying /Termination/Splicing/jointing works
  • Electrical -Engineering & Design
  • E-Tap Protection Co-ordination study & Re-Study for Protection Relaying Setting with ARAMCO & SEC
  • ARAMCO –Approved Quality Control Services
  • Third party Inspection Services
  • High Quality OPERATION & MAINTANANCE services (SWGR, GIS, TRANSFORMERS, RMU, UPS, C-BANK, ATS-up to 380kv)

Our Services


We provide a wide range of Installation Solutions & services for power industries with high quality & safety standards

Testing & Commissioning:

We provide a wide range of Testing & Commissioning Services with high quality & safety standards.

Operation & Maintenance:

We provide high quality of maintenance services such as preventive maintenance/ Predictive Maintenance/ Proactive Maintenance with high quality and safety standers.

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Our Vision

Encompassing the fields of electrical installation, maintenance, Testing & Commissioning; our Company will be indispensable; the valued partner and expert solutions provider to the Power industries. This is and will remain the driving principle of progress and the touchstone of success.

Our company will continue to be synonymous with quality services and products. Our clients’ experience of our reliable and industry leading work exceeds their expectations.

This is why repeat business is and will remain a company norm and the distinguishing company characteristic.”

Our Mission

In line with our Vision, the ANSIC Contacting Est Company will be the provider of choice dedicated to quality electrical installation and services to the power industries.

This will be achieved by:

  • The continued development of our workforce capabilities.
  • Involvement of employees in the quality improvement process.
  • Responsive and cost effective work execution.
  • A focus on long term relationships with our clients in recognition of their needs and expectations.
  • Our knowledge, experience, professionalism and pursuit of excellence.
  • The development of additional business consistent with core expertise.
  • The implementation of action plans in order to achieve strategic and operational objectives to reach agreed measures of success.
  • This mission statement provides the direction for the ANSIC Company and will be reviewed for relevance and currency.

We specialize in :

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Total installation solutions in power sector100%

Testing & Commissioning Services for Advanced Numerical relays100%

Electrical -Engineering & Design100%

ARAMCO –Approved Quality Control Services100%

High Quality OPERATION & MAINTANANCE services100%